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488. Gear hobber ZFWZ 2000/3

Type:   ZFWZ 2000/3
Manufactured by:   MODUL
Produced:   1981
Weight:   38000 kg
Units in Stock:   1
Price:   Call for price

488. Gear hobber ZFWZ 2000/3

Model:ZFWZ 2000/3
Type:Gear Hobbers
Location:Czech Republic

Max diameter of gear without tailstock 2100 mm
Max diameter of gear with tailstock 1450 mm
Max face of gear 1060mm
Max module with hobbing head 22
Max/ Min center distance 1240/150 mm
Min number of teeth 10
Max pressure angel 45 deg
Table dia / number of slots 1800 mm/12
Bore in table / length 600/800 mm
Max dia of hob / length 300/330 mm
Max weight of workpiece 15000 kg

Standard milling head
Tailstock (no clamping)
Set of gear supports (shoes)
Set of arbors
Set of change gears